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NORDEN Bearing Monitoring & Water Filtration System

Norden Bearing Monitoring & Water Filtration System is designed to support our stern tube bearings. The open loop system collects seawater from vessels sea chest. The filtration unit remove particles causing wear on bearing, shaft and liner. The water is pumped into the stern tube and lubricate the stern tube bearings, enabling hydrodynamic running of the shaft. The open loop design eliminates need for aft seal, as the seawater is flushed back to the sea. The safe operation and condition of the bearing and water supply is continuously monitored by the control and monitoring system. Real time system status is available on the visualization screen, together with alarm log and bearing wear trend. The trending of bearing wear enable condition based maintenance planning, saving cost and time for the operator, and ensuring operation safety. 

Environmentally friendly - pure seawater as lubricant

A steady flow of abrasive free seawater to bearings

Built in redundancy

Flow monitoring & Alarm

Continuous wear monitoring and logging, enabling condition based maintenance

Norden Maritim AS has delivered high quality products to maritime customers since 1997. Market leading companies are choosing our products due to our cost efficient and high quality solutions. Combine this with our technical knowledge, and our customers receive a trustworthy and flexible service required in fast pace markets. Our focus on continuous development of materials and products, means that we are always on the look-out for applications where our products can make a difference. A difference for; the environment, our customers, and improved performance.


Norden CM7 has been developed for use specifically in water lubricated shaft applications. The material offer good wear life, abrasion resistance and shock load absorption, combined with low coefficient of friction.

Norden CM7 is a highly developed thermosetting crosslinked polymer that optimizes special characteristics in the design of elastomeric materials. The polymer is a tough material with good load bearing capacity and impact properties.

OPTION - bronze carrier: Norden Marine bearing supply can also include; bronze carrier, retainer ring, and single or double tapered keyset.Tapered keyset allow easy inspection and renewal of bearing without shaft removal.

Certificates of conformity can be issued that material supplied conforms to the grade standard for a particular order.

Norden CM7 Marine is scheduled for DNVGL stern tube type approval testing in 2017.​

Elastomeric material - Good shock load capability- Good abrasive wear resistance - Low coefficient of friction - Designed for optimum cooling and lubrication

NORDEN Hatch cover bearing pads

Norden 788 exhibits the lowest coefficient of friction coupled with exceptionally low wear rates. During operation a very thin, but extremely strong lubricating film is deposited automatically over the complete moving surface. A typical dry sliding friction value of 8% against stainless steel, with no stick slip or noise generation, offer vessels a long term maintenance free service life.

Norden 788 is a high load composite bearing material made of specially manufactured synthetic fabric reinforcement using a composite construction process, which is impregnated with thermosetting resins. Solid lubricant fillers are added, which make it suitable for dry running applications.


WENCON has more than 30 years´ experience within shipping worldwide. Our setup is modified each destination and with the shipments, all necessary documentation is provided, in order to ensure safe delivery. We use a global network of dedicated shipping companies, carefully selected, based on their know-how and ability, to operate in local environments. Communication is of most importance to us, and we ensure that you are constantly informed about your shipment. You are very welcome to contact us for a price on your shipment.